8 Brix Verjus Red

"Ice" verjus uses the full flavour potential of the grapes. 8 Brix is a seasonal product, made with the juice of Minus 8 icewine grapes.  Premium wine grapes are hand-picked at five intervals between August when they are sour and unripe, to January when they are our sweet Minus 8 icewine grapes.

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As the grapes ripen over the months, flavours develop and sweetness increases. Blending juices from several harvest intervals plays sweet off of sour, with a layered, delicious palate of all the flavours the grapes offer.

Each year 8 Brix Verjus is made for release in December. Because of the limited amount, please order early.

Tasting Notes

Appearance: Medium pink/rosé

Density: Moderate viscosity

Aromas: Aromas of both dried and stewed red berry fruit (cherry and raspberry), cranberry jelly, cold raspberry tea, green fruit and lemon, with slightly earthy, herbal, leafy, floral/violet notes.

Palate: Medium sweet, sweet and sour and well-balanced with noticeable zingy, mouthwatering acidity on the palate.  Exhibits flavours of spring cherry, cranberry, green plum, unsweetened berry compote and red sour candy with a dried red berry fruit character on the long tangy finish.

This is fun to drink when served lightly chilled.  Would serve as a great condiment and be a wonderful addition to your cooking repertoire.  Chefs and Mixologists will find endless uses for this inimitable product.  We are told that it deca durabolin price uk is a fantastic base for sauces, dressings and marinades and is the secret ingredient in many inspired bar creations.

Ingredients: grape must
Optimal storage 12°C/55°F, 45% Humidity
Product of Canada

Download 8 Brix Red POS (Point of Sale) Sheet

Download 8 Brix Red Nutritional Sheet

8 Brix Red Recipes Here


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