Winter Squash And Walnut Agnolotti

Winter Squash And Walnut Agnolotti

By Chef Derek Gallegos of Sun Valley Resort

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We browned 1 pound butter and put it in the cooler until hard then cut into small


2 cups boiling water go in the Vitamix blender.

On lowest speed 1/2 teaspoon xantham gum is added slowly to water, increase

speed and slowly add hardened brown butter until emulsified.

What we are making is my spin on a brown "Beurre Monte".

Season with lemon juice and salt.


Equal amounts of butternut squash and deep orange sweet potato are roasted.

Roast potatoes in skins and reserve skins for dehydrating, we will use them as a

powder to garish finished dish. We puree potatoes and squash in foodsprocessor

and season with house-smoked

Ricotta salata, ground toasted walnuts, fresh sage, nutmeg and a generous

amount of Parmigiano-Reggiano.

We then pipe this mixture into handmade pasta sheets to make our agnolotti.

Plate up:

Take dehydrated potato skins and pulverize in spice grinder into powder, set


Mix 1 tablespoon grape must Saba and

1 tablespoon Dehydr8,  set aside.

Fry a handful fresh sage leaves in olive oil until crisp, set aside on paper towel.

Boil agnolotti and place on brown butter beurre monte.

drizzle over saba/vinegar mixture,

sprinkle sweet potato powder and garnish with sage leaves

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