IP8 Beer Vinegar

IP8 Vinegar begins with beer made in the style of IPA (India Pale Ale).  A blend of aromatic and flavourful hops are used to enhance the hop characteristics in the vinegar.  Sweet, delicious juice from Minus 8 premium icewine grapes is blended in.  There is no oak aging.  IP8 is meant to be used fresh, like beer.  It is made in small batches for freshness.

Tasting Notes
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Appearance: Moderately deep golden amber colour

Density: Viscous and rich

Aromas: A very complex, multifaceted vinegar that evolves with time.  Initially slightly earthy and resinous on the nose, with roasted malt and (light roast) coffee bean notes; then the aromas develop with additions of candied apple, buckwheat/wild-flower honey, pine and spicy/hoppy notes; afterwards the pros and cons of tren nose becomes additionally layered with exotic aromas of jasmine, light citrus rind (orange and grapefruit) and both cooked and tropical fruit notes.

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Palate: Richly sweet and balanced with zingy acidity, exhibits a palate is as expansive as the aromas; first there are intense flavours of roasted barley, browns sugar and sweet caramel; overripe golden pineapple, sweet grapefruit, biscuit and toasted pine nuts and resin follow; finish is lingering and complex with jasmine tea, melon, orange/lemon peel, and light soya sauce/miso paste notes.

Ingredients: Beer vinegar, grape must
Acetic Acid 5%
Optimal storage 12°C/55°F, 45% Humidity
Product of Canada

Download IP8 POS (Point of Sale) Sheet

Download IP8 Nutritional Sheet

IP8 Recipes Here

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