L8 Harvest Vinegar

L8 Harvest Vinegar is made from grapes picked in the winter, during icewine harvest.  Icewine is made by harvesting grapes in winter when they are naturally frozen on the vine.  The grapes are frozen solid, so the juice that gets pressed out, while the grapes are still frozen, is rich in flavour, natural sugars and grape acids.

The rich, sweet, delicious wine made of these grapes is converted into vinegar.  This conversion takes months with traditional methods - so crucial for maintaining the true style of icewine as prominent in our vinegar.  L8 Harvest Vinegar is bottle aged.

Tasting Notes

Appearance: Medium amber colour

Density: Moderate viscosity

Aromas: Quite aromatic, with nuances of honey, dried apricot, candied fruit, spice, toffee, apple butter and caramel

Palate: Sweet/sour, quite viscous but well balanced and lively on the palate, with honey, citrus rind, raw nut, apple sauce, overripe pineapple and toffee; a long, lingering pleasantly sour finish

Ingredients: wine vinegar
Acetic Acid 5%
Optimal storage 12°C/55°F, 45% Humidity
Product of Canada

Download L8 Harvest POS (Point of Sale) Sheet

Download L8 Harvest Nutritional Sheet

L8 Harvest Recipes Here

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