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  • Boudin Noir

    Chef Adam Ganten Boudin Noir with Maple Brix verjus caramel glaze, celery root, date, pickled mustard and carrots @chfdcuisnsturb Le St-Urbain Montreal...

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  • Duck Breast, Harissa, pistachio, Concord

    Chef Aaron Hoskins Duck breast, Harissa goat cheese, black garlic, pistachio, roasted beet, Concord 8 grape vinegar @aaronchoskins @aaronhoskins...

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  • IP8 Vinegar with Hibiscus Syrup

    Chef Brian Little IP8 Vinegar with hibiscus syrup, Maple Brix Verjus with strawberry purée @Briandamagepgh @briandamagepgh...

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  • Miso Glazed Abalone

    Chef Jeremy Shelton Miso glazed abalone, mushroom nigiri, truffle ponzu, Minus 8 vinegar @jeremyshelton...

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  • Coffee Roasted Beets

    Chef Matt Conroy Coffee roasted beets, crème fraîche, dill, IP8 beer vinegar @conroy_matt1 Little Prince, NYC...

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  • Smoked halibut with deep fried oyster

    Chef Kevin Dalgleish Smoked halibut with deep fried oyster, Minus 8 Vinegar @KDalgleish IX, The Chester Hotel, Aberdeen Scotland...

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