St. Andre Milanese with Arugula

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St. André Milanese with Arugula

Chef Michael DiBianca, Moro Restaurant

Crispy Bacon, Marcona Almonds  & Minus 8 Concord Grape Gastrique, Serves 6

For The Cheese

½ wheel St André Cheese
3 eggs
1 oz. cream
½ cup flour
½ cup seasoned bread crumbs

Cut the cheese into equal wedges, whip the eggs and cream together by hand. Dredge the cheese into the flour, then egg wash then bread crumbs. Chill in the refrigerator.

For The Salad

3 cups arugula (washed)
1 cup bacon crispy, chopped
1 cup Marcona Almonds, crushed
1 oz. olive oil
salt and pepper to taste For The Gastrique
½ cup sugar
4 oz.  Concord 8 Vinegar
4 oz. Pomegranate Juice

In a pot add the sugar and start to caramelize it, deglaze with the vinegar and then add in the pomegranate juice cook down by half and strain and cool.

To assemble the salad 

First in a no stick pan add 1 oz. butter on high heat, when the butter is melted add the cheese to the pan and cook until golden brown on all sides, remove from the heat and transfer to the oven at 350 for 4 minuets. In a bowl combine the arugula, bacon, almonds, and olive oil and season it with salt and pepper. When plating place the salad down on the plates, place the cheese on top and drizzle the gastrique over the salad.

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